Bush Hartshorn TELL DADDY

Hi, I invite you to sit with me and confess all the things you have always wanted to tell your father

but never could, for any reason.
I will listen. I only speak english but you can use whatever language you feel comfortable with. Everything you are going to tell me will be completely confidential.

I can’t wait to meet you.
You are welcome



Bush graduated in theatrical language at Dartington College of Arts in 1982. Since the they started a career as a community artist, playwrighter, performer, theatrical programmer and artistic director. They are currently manager of artistsdevelopment at Dance Base, Edinburgh. In 2009 they obtained the qualification as coach in Relational Dynamic, which has influences their work as a dance mentor. From 2015 Bush has been mentoring and coaching artists from Australia, Ciprus, England, Spain, Czech Republic, Island, Norway, Sweden and Finland. 

  • Durata 20'

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