Alice Giuliani in residency at BASE

Alice Giuliani - spazi del piacere
by BASE Milano

An intimate concert and clinical diary, transforming physical deterioration into a powerful poetic act of responsibility and visibility.

A.ROOM.POURED.OVER.ME is an intimate concert, a clinical diary, the live show of a dancer with an atypical body. She wonders: If TODAY I’m here to sweat and dance but my body is broken, what’s left to do in order to not disappear? Today is one of those days, and expectations break on frozen bones. Making oneself heard and letting oneself be watched becomes a poetic act of responsibility. This project is an attempt to give visibility to sick female young bodies, using intimate writing, the naive, karaoke, the chronic tiredness, pop songs, video documentation, the sudden deterioration of physical condition during a creative process as a conscious vulnerable yet powerful dramaturgical tools. Great inspiration is the work of some artists like Olivia Laing’s writings about loneliness, Lady Gaga’s coming out as a popstar with fibromyalgia, Johanna Hedva’s Sick woman theory, Audre Lorde’s The cancer journals.  


Alice Giuliani is a performer and dance-maker who works and lives in Italy, Belgium and Switzerland. She describes herself as a spoonie* and invisible crip*. In her work she uses interdisciplinary languages placing the body at the center as a site of fantasy, vulnerability and affirmation of hidden narratives. She studied performing arts at Università Roma TRE, Paris VIII Université, ISAC – Academie Royal de Beaux Arts de Bruxelles.  

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A.ROOM.POURED.OVER.ME is part of “Gli Spazi Del Piacere“, the review dedicated to under35 artists resident in Italy, which focuses on the body and practices related to dance and movement in a reflection on the dimensions of pleasure that, proposing formats that blur semantic boundaries, transfers liquidly between different languages. Gli Spazi Del Piacere will be presented during TUTTA BASE, the 36 non-stop hours of music, performance, cinema, bodies and practices that on 7 and 8 June will inaugurate the long, long Summer of BASE.

A.ROOM.POURED.OVER.ME is a project supported by the Ministry of Culture and SIAE – Società Italiana degli Autori ed Editori (Italian Society of Authors and Publishers), and SIAE as part of the ‘Per Chi Crea’ programme.

With the support of BASE Milano, Workspacebrussels, Wpzimmer, Aldes, ISAC. 

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