Trap Community Opera: open call!

Is it possible to write a show by making trap music?
How do you tell a story about a neighborhood with music?
And with dance?
Do you want to tell your story or your neighborhood’s story but haven’t found your tools yet?
Don’t know whether to write it, dance it or rap it?

Trap Community Opera is an artistic path composed of different disciplines – physical theater, writing, trap music, dance, video – aimed at boys and girls between the ages of 15 and 25 where participants will be able to be protagonists in the creation of an opera, starting from its conception and arriving at its final realization.

The creation path takes place from January to May 2024 and consists of three disciplines: theater, music and trap music.

Would you like to join us? Write Milano Mediterranea via DM on Instagram or call them at +39 342 12 48 450

*A project by Milano Mediterranea in partnership with BASE Milano, with the contribution of Fondazione Di Comunità Milano nell’ambito della rassegna Musicami.

So... is this getting serious?

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