The Southern Thruway

Shared households have become a common living arrangement for many young adults, often driven by economic constraints. However, for some, the decision to live with friends instead of alone or with parents or a partner is a conscious choice.

While being a stage for the faults in today’s economic system, these shared spaces can become platforms for enacting disruptive politics, where concepts like common goods, shared work, and non-codified relationships come into play. 

The Southern Thruway” is a video installation that tries to answer the questions “How are current household compositions related to our economic system? How can we exploit this condition?”. Using as a narrative frame the homonym story from Julio Cortazar, “The Southern Thruway” weaves personal stories with political concepts, exploring themes of uncertainty, forced collectivity, and “transientness”. It also hints at the transformative power of domestic connections and unconventional love.

So... is this getting serious?

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