Sonic Driving x Heartsync — Laura Papke x Nino Basilashvili


by Laura Papke x Nino Basilashvili

An interactive installation designed to facilitate connectedness where articipants are invited to engage in a multisensory journey exploring their heartbeats through auditory, tactile and visual means. Pulse sensors capture the rhythm of up to six hearts, triggering distinct sounds that blend into a collective symphony. The collected data is then translated into dynamic visual projections, reflecting the synchronisation patterns of the participants’ heartbeats.

Luigi Gjergjaj (Programmer for Sonic Driving)
Mark van de Korput (Programmer for Heartsync)
Mariska Kret (Professor at Leiden University, Researches Heart Synchronisation)


Laura Papke x Nino Basilashvili are two interdisciplinary artists based in the Netherlands. In their works they are investigating heartbeat synchronisation. Laura explores this phenomenon through the use of low-frequency sound in her work, Sonic Driving. In Heartsync, Nino explores synchronisation through data-driven visual compositions. Their joint vision is to cultivate communal well-being by crafting audiovisual experiences that foster deeper connections.

This project is realized as part of “The Body is a Movement”, a project by Onomatopee and Baltan Laboratories.
During Design Week Public Program, Onomatopee and Baltan Laboratories will present the project with a talk on rethinking the importance of the body (and corporeity) in the contemporary cult of hyper-productivity.

So... is this getting serious?

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