Valerie Tameu in residency at BASE

by BASE Milano

An emotional journey through family and collective history: a fragmented identity rediscovered among objects, recorded voices and personal memories.

In the performance ‘Dove hanno tremato le placche’, the Italian-Cameroonian artist Valerie Tameu explores the complex relationship between the body and the archive. In her encounter with her family’s migratory history in 1980s Italy, intimate memories, digressions and decentralisations surface. Fragments of an imperfect archive float on the surface of memory, while images reveal themselves under the contemplative gaze of the body.


Valerie Tameu (they/them) is an author and performer. She graduated in dance studies from the Faculty of Cinema, Performing Arts, Music and Media in Turin, and trained with divers docents from the Italian and international scene. Since 2019, she creates and carries out her artistic projects in different contexts and realities, which include performances, installations and research projects, characterised by a hybrid and explorative approach. Her research concerns the relationship between memory and imagination, while her artistic practice creatively con-fuses corporeity, ideas, theories and hallucinations.

Dove hanno tremato le placche is part of “Gli Spazi Del Piacere“, the review dedicated to under35 artists resident in Italy, which focuses on the body and practices related to dance and movement in a reflection on the dimensions of pleasure that, proposing formats that blur semantic boundaries, transfers liquidly between different languages. Gli Spazi Del Piacere will be presented during TUTTA BASE, the 36 non-stop hours of music, performance, cinema, bodies and practices that on 7 and 8 June will inaugurate the long, long Summer of BASE.

Dove hanno tremato le placche is a project supported by the Ministry of Culture and SIAE – Società Italiana degli Autori ed Editori (Italian Society of Authors and Publishers), and SIAE as part of the ‘Per Chi Crea’ programme.

→ Concept and performance Valerie Tameu;
→ Sound design Herva;
→ Light with the support of Lavanderia a Vapore and Gianni Staropoli as part of the “Téhcne” project;
→ Dramaturgical consultancy Cherish Menzo, Ilenia Caleo;
→ In conversation with Cherish Menzo for the workshop part;
→ Co-production Polo del 900 and Spazio Griot; executive production Codeduomo;
→ With the support of Lavanderia a Vapore, Orbita Spellbound Centro Nazionale di Produzione della Danza di Roma, Kinkaleri Spazio K, Base Milano

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