ROOM01: Found in Translation — Computer Room

“Found in Translation” takes 5 stories from 5 people in 5 languages and translates them into 5 interpretations to inspire the production of 5 physical outcomes. Using printed dictionaries and conversation only, the project takes an experimental linguistic-focused methodology which foregrounds a very human interpretation of words as a way to inspire making. True to the phrase ‘open to interpretation’, the outcomes will serve as artefacts that remind all of us of the fragile beauty of diverse cultures from all over the world.


Supported through the British Council’s Circular Cultures programme. Computer Room is a research-oriented design studio comprised of Andu Masebo, Charlie Humble-Thomas & Jesse Butterfield. 

Meeting in 2019 at the Royal College of Art, the three shared a common interest in underrepresented and problematic themes within material culture. In the past their research has looked into the impact of producing objects and mapping the social structures that support them. More recently, their focus is on the cultural significance of physical objects and how this links to language. 

With each member having their own personal practice, their collective work brings different perspectives and ways of making things together under one roof.  Their studio workshop is based in Hoxton in London, UK

British Council as part of the programme “Circular Cultures

Five rooms that become home and place of experimentation and encounter. Welcome to Temporary Home: a unique residence for five designers and artists from all over Europe within casaBASE, our hostel.

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