POV: Exploring Pornucopia — Berta Grau Sánchez

by Berta Grau Sánchez

An installation containing a video essay that narrates a visit to Pornhub, which subverts the site’s interface and the footage within it to offer a critical view on adult material from a feminist standpoint.


Berta Grau Sánchez is a multidisciplinary artist and designer born in Manresa, Barcelona, in 1997. She graduated from the University of Barcelona in 2020, where she completed a Bachelor in Fine Arts, with a strong focus on conceptual, research-based and visual work. She later moved to the Netherlands to study at Design Academy Eindhoven, graduating from a Masters in Information Design in June 2023. In October of that same year she founded the ceramics studio Atelier Burrata, where she designs fun and functional ceramic pieces with a funky twist.

So... is this getting serious?

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