Culture against violence

by BASE Milano

BASE Milano is a plural cultural institution that is always listening, inside and outside a space where more and more people of all origins, cultures, gender identities and economic conditions can feel foreseen, welcomed and represented.
Therefore, we cannot remain silent and we join the voices of the marginalised and torn communities in the escalation of violence and war in the Palestinian territories and around the world.

We are frightened and shocked by the firm and silent institutional context and we strongly reaffirm our unconditional condemnation of all war crimes and all forms of violence against civilians and other forms of oppression and discrimination.
We unite to the immediate cease the fire request and we expect that all civilians are protected. We demand that international humanitarian law is applied and that any violation is prosecuted on the basis of this law.

As a cultural centre, we are on an uphill path to think of a plural art institution, through a decanonisation process and the questioning of the power mechanisms and the rigid systems of knowledge production and dissemination.
We are aware of the weight of each one of these words, and we are trying to preserve them from being emptied and reduced to slogans.
Instead, we strive every day to fill them with content through our cultural programme and by choosing the people and realities we co-design with, aware that we are acting in a profoundly political manner.

As cultural institution we feel and take the responsibility to be space of border and discussion, a platform for listening and dialogue, and we express our full solidarity with racialised, marginalised and abused communities such as that of Palestinians.

So... is this getting serious?

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