Extracts from “Support Structures” by Celine Condorelli, 2009

Everything starts from this intuition: that what I define as support structures can release potential, and that support is not to be reduced to a reactive, symptomatic and redeeming gesture, but that through its uttering we may be able to hear the unspoken, the unsatisfied, the late and latent, the in-process, the pro-thought, the not-yet manifested, the undeveloped, the unrecognised, the delayed, the unanswered, the unavailable, the not-deliverable, the discarded, the over-looked, the neglected, the hidden, the forgotten, the un-named, the un-paid, the missing, the longing, the invisible, the unseen, the behind-the-scene, the disappeared, the concealed, the unwanted, the dormant. 

In order to follow this fragile lead in almost complete darkness, the unequivocal alternative is not to think about support, but – tautologically perhaps – be supportive to it, and think “in support”. There can be no discourse on support, only discourse in support. This choice, taken without reservations, entails a rejection of survey, investigation, and analytical study (a study of a subject from a hypothetical outside which positions work on and about its subject but can never speak with it) for the performance of its primary proposition (“I support”), and can only talk in action through the voice of support.

So... is this getting serious?

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