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A creative collective expressing Generation Z, SIAMO is an independent web magazine created from the bottom up, where everyone can speak freely about their passions related to art and culture. It features a showcase with artists from the collective


Where design and music meet in an extraordinary aperitif. We Will Design MUSIC — Courtyard is the outdoor music programme Designed by Campari Soda and BASE with which we accompany you to watch the sunset. Five evenings, live sets and special performances in numbered editions: DJs and collectives among the most prominent on the contemporary Milanese scene, selected by Le Cannibale, will take over the courtyard of BASE starting at 7pm to immerse you in experimental sounds.

Considered a point of reference for national edutainment by important media such as Lonely Planet, New York Times and Vogue, Le Cannibale has been a producer of successful events (Le Cannibale, Wunder Mrkt, Reverso Festival, Classica Elettronica Fantastica, Sub Limen) where music, culture, art, in-depth analysis and entertainment cross paths for over 14 years.


So... is this getting serious?

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