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"I'm not really interested in gas pumps or anything related to gas pumps. It's just an excuse like any other to see." - Joel Meyerowitz 

Once More is a performance that develops in the relationship between two subjects, in a continuous confrontation without brakes. A concert display where body, sound and word are assumed as unpredictable elements of the composition. On the same level light, dark and image are stratified as a rhythmic score in a circular vortex in which even what the body produces is subtracted, in favor of a single performative movement. The inscrutable eye of the camera, in its mechanical subjectivity, records the contours of what happens, redefining its perception. Once More is chaos, ecstasy and freedom. 


Kinkaleri was created in Florence in 1995. Kinkaleri operates between experimentation, choreographic and movement research, performances, installations, installations, sound materials, seeking a language not based on a style but directly on the evidence of an object. 

The works of the group have received hospitality in numerous programs in Italy and a 

Abroad, theatres, contemporary art centres, festivals and exhibition spaces including Triennale/ Teatro dell’Arte Milan, Teatro Metastasio, Teatro Fabbricone Prato, Teatro Grande Brescia, Sophiensaele, KunstHalle Deutsche Bank Berlin, Center P ompi dou Paris, Kaaitheater, KunstenFESTIVALdesArts Brussels, Pecci Prato Center for Contemporary Art, Gulbenkian Foundation Lisbon, Kitazawa Town Hall Tokyo, Oriental Pioneer Theater Beijing , Mercat de les flors Barcelona, La Batie Festiv in Geneva, Santarcangelo Santarcangelo Festival, Venice Dance Biennale, Villa Romana Florence, MAXXI Rome. 

In 2002 the company received the “LO STRANIERO AWARD Betting for the future”, winning best dance theatre show award. Among the latest works we mention the All! project, a multi-year choreographic research project based on the invention of a body language directly linked to the written word through the invention of a code that unites letter with gesture. 

Since January 2001, the operational headquarters have moved to SpazioK, one of the sheds of the former Campolmi industrial area, where they combine the production activity with that of event promoters and artistic residencies under the name of is it my world?. The group is currently formed by Massimo Conti, Marco Mazzoni, Gina Monaco. 

Jacopo Benassi – photographer. He collaborates with Rolling Stone, GQ, Wired italia, Wired u.s.a Riders, 11 F reun de, and Crush Fanzine, Dapper Dan ,Vice, Almaviva /Le Figàro,Gioia .. In 2009 the 1861 United agency publishes a monumental monograph, and Ecology of Image, in 2011 he opens talkinass paper and records and produces a magazine and live CDs of artists from the international underground scene, collaborates with several directors such as Paolo Sorrentino, Daniele Ciprì, Asia Argento. He lives and works in between Milan and La Spezia! Among the main exhibitions we mention 7ème QUINZAINE PHOTOGRAPHIQUE NANTAISE Nantes with the Fond a zione Italiana di Fotograa! 2003 Photographic Talent Fnac 2003 curated by Laura Sera ni! 2005 From von Gloeden to Pierre et Gilles/ Designed by Vittorio Sgarbi In collaboration with Eugenio Viola! Milan, Palazzo della Ragione! 2009 No Soul For Sale A Festival of Independents/ Le Dictateur curators Maurizio Cattelan Massimo Gioni TATEMODERN / London! 2011 SI FEST Festival of international photography Savignano sul Rubicone Rimini ! 2014 Spazio Carico Massimo/Livorno A concept for a book made in Guangzhou, China Personal exhibition curated by Carlo Madesani Camera16 Milano ! 2014 SI FEST Festival of international photography Savignano sul Rubicone Rimini! 2014 SI FEST Festival of international photography Savignano sul Rubicone Rimini ! 2016 DETOUR Dapp er Dan Magazine exposition Athens!Athens!, No Title Yet photography show and performance created with Kinkaleri , 2015 Bologna Portraits personal exhibition at Palazzo Bentivoglio Bologna CRACK CAMERA at the Italian Center for Photography in Turin and at the European Photography Festival 19 in Reggio Emilia 2019 Empty monographic exhibition at the Centro Pecci Prato 2020. 


Once More project and realization_project and realization Jacopo Benassi, Kinkaleri/Massimo Conti, Gina Monaco, Marco Mazzoni | production_production Kinkaleri/KLm 2020 | with_with Jacopo Benassi, Marco Mazzoni

  • Durata 40'
  • Doors opening at H21
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