LINECHECK 2023 – Many Kisses



From 22 to 25 November 2023 BASE Milano hosts the ninth edition of Linecheck, the market festival of the nascent and contemporary music scene that brings together industry professionals, artists and all music lovers.

By night, it features a uniquely nuanced exploration of the evolution of music within the landscape of today and tomorrow.

By day, it explores the dynamic fusion of panel talks, matchmaking sessions, showcases, roundtables and workshops addressing innovation and progress







The universe of music is an ecosystem. A poliamorous community  which grows through the continuous dialogue among its members, the circulation of inspiring, creative energy, and the horizontal exchange between the affirmed personalities on the scene, and the upcoming artists.

There can be no progress in the discographic industry without an organic shift of the notion of live experiences. Therefore, the entire system can only evolve through an attentive care for practices of sustainability, alongside the innovation brought by the start-ups and companies that are being created everyday.

Creativity is the propelling force of this ecosystem: Linecheck’s 2023 edition #ManyKisses, celebrates the diversity and multiplicity of music, by homaging the extraordinary creative union of Cristina Moser e Maurizio Arcieri, aka Krisma – one of the most groundbreaking contributors to the current music scene.




Linecheck is a founding member of the Federation of music conferences and Music Tech Europe Academy, the first pan-european accelerator for startups in the music space.

It is a Music Innovation Hub project, the first S.p.A. Impresa Sociale (Social Enterprise) in Italy, vertical on music: born in Milan and based at BASE, from 2018 it creates innovative projects that are social responsible in the music enviroment.


Photo credits: Elena Di Vincenzo

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