Giving & receiving feedback — workshop con Bush Hartshorn


From 5 to 7 March, a practical workshop of 3 events, for artists, designers, creatives, curator and cultural operators on the subject of giving and receiving feedback, with the guidance of Bush Hartshorn.

This workshop introduces the principles of Nonviolent Communication (CNV), Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and the Liz Lerman Critical Response method.

These principles are applicable in different contexts, both personal and professional, which allow you to acquire a greater awareness of the way you communicate, improving the interactions between people: from artistic collaboration, to community dialogue, from coaching to family conversations. Browse the brochure and read more about the workshop

NB: Participation in the meetings is free on selection, because to ensure the highest quality of the workshop places are limited. To participate, send us a brief bio and contact information at this link
If your profile is not selected for the workshops or you are not able to attend the days of 5 and 6, we are waiting for you at BASE on March 7th from H10 to H18 for the symposium


“Giving & receiving feedback” is part of DESIRESIDE: Residenze Transdisciplinari, practices and models in comparison, a symposium on the theme of research in the creative field, open to artistic and creative residences, realities and cultural operate and artists of the national and international panorama. A space of dialogue and co-planning, to share ideas, discuss different experiences, build models to face the challenges of the present.



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