TUTTA BASE FLUIDOSTUDIO Night W/ ilromantico, MurielXO, Demi Papagni + Gorgeous House of Gucci


A queer party, a place to experiment. Without correct bodies or dress-codes, without exclusions or boundaries. Only nuances, desires, pleasures.

FLUIDOSTUDIO returns to BASE Milano for TUTTA BASE the thirty-six hours of music, bodies and arts that on the 7th and 8th of June inaugurates our long, hot Summer.

*FLUIDOSTUDIO Night is for all and open to all. Personal expression, anti-racism, mutual care, accessibility, proximity, consensus – these are the values that inspire us and make us dance until dawn.


FLUIDOSTUDIO is an independent record company, born from the synergy between producer and sound engineer Pierpaolo Moschino and art director Stefano Libertini Protopapa.

Brought together by a past at the console of clubs all over the world, the two have brought their ambitions together under a common vision aimed at discovering and enhancing non-conventional talents: Vergo, boyrebecca, David Blank, Missey and Valentino Vivace are just some of the artists who have found a place in the contemporary music scene thanks to FLUIDOSTUDIO’s management.

But there’s more: in addition to recording and management activities, FLUIDIOSTUDIO caters to brands, companies and artists by offering consultancy and artistic direction services, production of original music and sound design. All thanks to the skills and experience of its team of professionals.

So... is this getting serious?

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