Architects Against Housing Alienation (AAHA) Financialization and the Production of Housing Alienation


Financialization and the Production of Housing Alienation is an open discussion between Canadian and Milanese thinkers on the consequences of the commodification of housing. 


Matthew Soules is an Associate Professor at the University of British Columbia and founder of Matthew Soules Architecture.

Dr. Alex Wilson is a Two-Spirit scholar from the Opaskwayak Cree Nation. She is a professor at the University of Saskatchewan.

Lucia Tozzi is a journalist and writer based in Milan. Her latest books include: City Killers. For a Critique of tourism, 2020; Napoli. Contro il panorama (Nottetempo 2022); L’invenzione di Milano (Cronopio 2023).

Andrea Bagnato is a writer and researcher working on the politics of urban change, both historical and current. He is the author of the forthcoming book Terra Infecta (Mack, 2025) and co-author of A Moving Border: Alpine Cartographies of Climate Change (Columbia/ZKM, 2019) and Rights of Future Generations (Hatje Cantz, 2021). With Ivan Lopez Munuera, he curated the public program and exhibition Vulnerable Beings at Maat, Lisbon, and La Casa Encendida, Madrid.

Erica Petrillo is a curator and researcher with a background in political philosophy and social sciences. She is currently based in Milan, where she works with the interdisciplinary agency 2050+.



Architects Against Housing Alienation (AAHA) is a collective formed in 2021 that started Not for Sale! as a campaign to end housing alienation. The Organizing Committee enlisted Campaign Collaborators who have contributed their talents and expertise to realize the campaign. The campaign is centered on the work of ten teams, from across the land now known as c\a\n\a\d\a, who have created demands and proposals. The Team Members include activists, architects, and advocates who bring expertise, experience, connection, and compassion to issues of housing justice. This collaborative effort aims to add momentum, new synergies, and a shared focus to the ongoing and remarkable work to create a radically new housing system. Join the campaign!


This event was realised thanks to the contribution of the Embassy of Canada

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