Gli Spazi del Piacere ENCORE+PLUS+BEAU Fede Morini + Sebastiano Lorenza Pala


Encore+plus+beau closes the review Gli Spazi del piacere realised with the support of the MiC and SIAE in the framework of the programme “Per Chi Crea”. The performance is a haunted bedroom. In it, bodies, clothes, ghosts and plastic tubes entangle, forming a tangled skein. Body parts, folds of clothes, ends of tubes have the same specific weight, the same emotional density. Bodies are intertwined. Movement is organised in the search for a principle pleasure between the parts, a transmission between what is no longer there and what is not yet there, a response to the call of the bodies. There is always an empty space, a space of resonance, a possibility of communication.

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So... is this getting serious?

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