DESIGN × SCIENCE — Slovak University of Technology

Showcasing doctoral design research at FAD STU

by Slovak University of Technology

DESIGN × SCIENCE presents design research projects by doctoral students from Faculty of Architecture and Design in Bratislava. Seven authors – Vladimír Boroň, František Dorko, Petra Hurai, Vlasta Kubušová, Filip Maukš, Martin Mjartan, Martin Sombathy & Lucia Suchá – present project that leverage scientific findings & explore new roles of design.

Recently founded collaboration platform Trimtab | Prototyping change aims to actively seek new industry partnerships and accelerate design-driven technology transfer & multidisciplinary collaboration across STU’s faculties. The concept of being a ‘trimtab’ is based on the American inventor Buckminster Fuller, who believed that small actions deliver global impact. Under the tagline Prototyping Change, the platform aims to contribute to systems-level change toward more sustainable and just futures.

The exhibition series is curated by Michala Lipková and co-producted by the Institute of Design at FAD STU in Bratislava in cooperation with The Shamrock Green Studio.

The project is realized with the support of public funding by Slovak Arts Council.


Vladimír Boroň, František Dorko & Martin Sombathy, Petra Hurai, Vlasta Kubušová, Filip Maukš, Martin Mjartan, Lucia Suchá


Michala Lipková


Filip Maukš, Petra Hurai, Michala Lipková


Peter Chmela


Photo by Petra Hurai

So... is this getting serious?

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