bioWdesign — Technical University in Zvolen, Slovakia, Department of Furniture and Interior Design

Utilization and transfer of biomimetic mechanisms of wood into the design of a new form and properties of furniture, interior, and housing.

by Technical University in Zvolen, Slovakia, Department of Furniture and Interior Design

BioWdesign is an ongoing interdisciplinary project funded by The Slovak Research and Development Agency conducted by the Design Department of the Technical University in Zvolen. The project merges design and science through biomimetics and biomimicry, drawing inspiration from the marvelous mechanisms found in wood’s structure. By mimicking nature’s efficiency, it addresses functional and design challenges in furniture design and housing, unlocking the full potential for beautiful and sustainable solutions.



Technical University in Zvolen
Faculty of Wood Sciences and Technology
Slovak Research and Development Agency
I2 – industrial innovations
Tomas Bata University in Zlín
The Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Rome


Zuzana Tončíková — principal investigator
Marian Ihring, Lucia Kružlicová-Spišiaková, Miroslav Chovan, René Baďura, Elena Farkašová, Júlia Kaštierová, Ľuboš Gajdoš, Anton Stolár

Rastislav Lagaňa, Roman Nôta, Jaroslav Ďurkovič, Ján Kováč, Miroslava Mamoňová, Martin Kováčik, Jakub Kukučka

BioWsella, Photo courtesy of BioWdesign


An interdisciplinary team from the Technical University in Zvolen, Slovakia, which merges art, design, and science. Our collective, focused on furniture and interior design, comprises designers, biologists, wood scientists, and makers. Sustainability and innovation drive our mission, with biomimicry and biomimetics as our core methodologies. Wood serves as our common thread, both our material of choice and scientific subject. Our goal? To push the boundaries of wood exploration, uncovering new inspirations and insights.

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