BEAT — Eccentrico + NOI Libreria

by Eccentrico e NOI Libreria

Eccentrico – a project of the company Galileo s.r.l. specialising in the production and marketing of Italian ceramics – joins forces with the independent Milanese bookshop NOI Libreria and transforms the BASE bookshop space into an immersive experience.

Eccentrico debuts at BASE MILANO with a unique and immersive experience between contemporary music and literary culture. Eccentrico, a project of the company Galileo s.r.l. specialising in the production and marketing of Italian ceramics, renowned for its creativity and innovation in design, joins forces with the independent Milanese bookshop Noi Libreria to transform the BASE Milano bookshop space into an immersive and relaxing experience during Fuorisalone 2024. The environment, designed to stimulate the senses and offer a refuge to visitors, combines innovative design elements and a targeted bibliographic selection.

The new collection takes its inspiration from traditional ceramics in the small 5×20 format, reinterpreting them in a contemporary key with carefully selected colours that follow the latest furnishing trends. The six shades of BEAT combine harmoniously with each other, offering possibilities for both sober and sunny and bold and vibrant combinations, always with impeccable elegance.


Eccentrico is Galileo srl’s new project, created to offer a refined and qualitatively excellent product at all stages of the supply chain. Eccentrico bases its strength on the research and design of the product, choosing the most correct technologies for its realisation and providing a punctual and attentive service to the customer’s needs. Our goal is to offer national and international markets the best of Italian ceramic design, operating according to a design without limits, not only in creative terms but also in terms of historical recovery, updating ancient signs and using technologies in a transversal way to obtain a result of high quality both technological and creative.

NOI Libreria is an independent bookshop specialising in illustrated books, founded in April 2019 by a very courageous as well as very daring entrepreneurial venture of its partners. We specialise in illustrated books, but we are not just a children’s bookshop: colour suits all ages.

So... is this getting serious?

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