An Inquiry into Dutch Dumplings — Anas Chao

by Anas Chao

This installation portrays Anas Chao’s research into the existence of Dutch dumplings in the hodgepodge of today’s society. The idea of home is the entanglement in a network of history and power, leading to the exchange of origins and Otherings. Identity can no longer be found in singularity, belonging is ever-shifting and constantly on the move. 

Anas Chao is a Taiwanese that was born and raised in Saudi Arabia, constant and continuous relocation between the two made his own sense of identity and belonging ambiguous. This has led to his use of autoethnography to understand his existence by analysing his environment, and its entangled mechanisms of nationalism and capitalism in the production of home. Chao is currently based between Taiwan and the Netherlands, using mediative and critical storytelling to produce experiential and material outputs.

This project is funded by Stimuleringsfonds / Creative Industries Fund NL, the Dutch national cultural fund for design, architecture and digital culture. It funds innovative, often interdisciplinary design projects.

So... is this getting serious?

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